The Autonomous Human Drone Taxi
A commuter is spotted cutting through Elysian Park towards downtown LA on a human drone taxi.
Toilets Not Temples is a psychedelic news happening social justice documentary about global food distribution. Screening at Art Basel on June 18, 2015
News Works
What Pipeline Gallery - Detroit, Michigan News Works is a series of vacuum formed sculptures investigating technology, current events, journalism and the...
pplkpr, is an app by Lauren McCarthy and Kyle McDonald implements a complex metric called "heart rate variability" that uses subtle changes in heart rhythm to...
Parker Center
Where were you In 1992?
Grüne Zone
Grüne Zone An interior tunnel at the entrance of the Weiner Prater is painted green. A public installation, steps away from where Orson Wells and Joseph Cotten...
Aerial Bold
President George Bush Photo Give-A-Way
George Bush Give Away1a George Bush Give Away1b George Bush Photo Give Away Part 1b
Turn of the Century Fashion in Los Angeles
Overhere Gallery Los Angeles California September 2000. Image strips taken between 1998-2000
FataLAtour is a mixed-reality mobile application that pulls data off of the screen and onto the street. When a participant walks into a public space where someone...
J Paul Getty Speaks
J Paul Getty Speaks is a kinetic projection sculpture that animates Pier Gabriele Vangelli’s bust of oil tycoon, philanthropist, and art collector, J. Paul...
Vs. Chewbacca
River Phoenix 20 Year Techno Memorial
The River Phoenix Techo Memorial is a VR/AR experience inspired by William Gibson's book Spook County, to celebrate the life of actor River Phoenix who died in...
How I got into College